Green Zone Detox

A Plant-Centered 30-DAY Program 

Eat Well, Look Great, and Feel Spectacular, Naturally!

Give Me Just 4 Weeks, 
and See Your Life Transformed!

If You Want To:

  • Lose Weight: release the fat and lose pounds gently, safely and for good.
  • Say Goodbye to Sugar and Fat Cravings: without compromising taste buds and food restrictions.
  • Get Rid of Foggy Brain: learn the best tools to finally think clearly.
  • Say Goodbye to Indigestion: enjoy foods without an upset stomach.
  • Live Free of Aches and Pains: you deserve to move without pain.
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- Dr. Mary Jo Fishburn, MD
Functional and Physical Medicine and Acupuncture

"In 30 days, I was able to see 3 of my 4 personal wellness goals fulfilled, and 50% movement toward the 4th. 

I highly recommend this Program. It will improve your health and change your life!"

Dr. Kines with Dr. Fishburn in her clinic during their Day 1 workshop

Why Is Detoxification Relevant To You?

Marine mammals and birds are not the only ones eating plastics. In a recent study, 100% of people tested had microplastic in their stools.

A recent salt study showed that 90 % of tested brands of salt contained microplastic. Even if you use safe salt, you're likely consuming plastic every time you eat out or eat food products that contain salt.

Environmental toxicity starts before birth, as this study clearly demonstrates. 
Toxic load has increased since 2005, when this study was published.

"I was a mess, and I knew it was my diet. But…everything I knew to do was not working! After only three weeks my headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and diarrhea are gone. My cravings are rapidly decreasing. I’m sold."

- Julie

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What You Get In The Green Zone Detox Program

BONUS Week Before

Setting Up For Success

Weekend Before

Kitchen Immersion

Monday Day 1

Setting Up Your Goals

Week 1

Mastering The Kitchen And Food As Medicine

Week 2

Optimizing your Energy, Weight, and Mood: STRESS and GUT!

Week 3

Detoxification Demystified – How to Clean Inside Out!

Week 4

Anti-aging in Action: Inflammation, Oxidation, and You!

BONUS Week 5

After the Finish Line: I Missed You Cheese!

"After day ONE, yes day ONE of Dr. Kines’ 30 day Whole Foods Detox Program…I felt the difference!!! My skin improved, my concentration improved, my memory improved, my energy level is up, AND I'VE PERMANENTLY RELEASED 35 POUNDS!!!!!!"

- Darlene

"I lost weight, got rid of bloating, and my skin glows – but that’s not the best part! What was great was that my cravings were ELIMINATED! What a relief and what a better way to live. 
If you have the chance to take this Program, do it!"

- Ana

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You Also Get...

  • Weekly body-scan tracker to record your progress, so you can see your positive results, stay inspired, and on track!
  • ​Daily and weekly food and wellness projects and activities
  • ​Personal journaling about everything that's happening as you transform your life in such a profound way
  • ​​Our clients' favorite Kitchen Immersion Weekend project: a mapping of meals for the whole first week, complete with delicious recipes and the matching cooking demo videos and shopping list!
  • Direct access to me in a private Facebook group and your Program dashboard
  • ​Goal setting and accountability
  • ​Module Videos: walking you through weekly goals, cooking, shopping in a health food, detoxification, supplementation, the secrets of my kitchen and more...
  • ​A total of nearly a thousand delicious recipes
  • ​Kitchen Pantry Rehab project to get a clean start
  • Unlimited time to use the materials

30-Day Detox Manual (162 pages)

30-Day Detox Companion (226 pages) 

A total of nearly 1,000 delicious recipes!

"Dr. Kines’ detox program is changing my life. She teaches the 'whys' as well as the 'hows' to healthy eating, including a [virtual] whole-foods shopping tour. Dr. Kines is the magic that makes this program work so well."

- Mary

Bonus Materials
Kitchen Rehab Guide:
Summer Steals E-Book:

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"I've gained control of my digestive system for the first time in my life and regained my optimism. I have lost unpleasant gut issues, insecurities about food choices, and I lost quite a few pounds. Dr. Kines is extremely knowledgeable and supportive."
- Debbie

This Program Is Not For:
  • Breastfeeding or Pregnancy
  • ​SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth): our Program is NOT low FODMAP (cabbage family, garlic family, apples, pears... we do it all!).
  • Active eating disorders
  • ​Ketogenic diet enthusiasts: high fat is hard on the liver, our key detoxification organ.
  • ​High animal protein diet enthusiasts: our Program actually gives you an opportunity to reduce your dependability on animal protein; in fact, while the Program has a flexible approach to what to eat and not to eat, you can choose to enjoy it completely without animal protein - you will learn how to do it safely.
  • ​Paleo/paleo-autoimmune diet enthusiasts: the Program does not follow paleo or paleo-autoimmune diets. Instead, its foundation is whole foods, mainly plant-based. You won't need to eliminate gluten-free whole grains, nuts, or seeds unless necessary; you also have the opportunity to learn how to cook legumes properly.
EBV Recovery Masterclass FAQs
How long exactly is the Masterclass?
There are 10 weekly modules, so it is 10 weeks. During Week 1, there is a Welcome/Onboarding Module and during Week 10, there is a Graduation/Celebration and What's Next Module. In addition, we have extended the Program to a full year of access.
What happens if I miss the weekly group live Q&A? 
These will be recorded and downloaded into the Masterclass within 24 hours, along with a downloadable PDF of some of the answers to the questions asked. Questions can also be asked in the Program Facebook group during the week: we open a weekly poll there for questions.
I am following Medical Medium. Will the Masterclass contradict what I am doing?
I am a great fan of the food philosophy behind Medical Medium. One can pick the best of both worlds to customize their journey to finally heal. The more supportive tools that work, the better. The more plants in our diet, the more healing. Nothing in the Masterclass should conflict with what Anthony William suggests. 
Will I have to stop the diet I am on now?
People with chronic EBV have been on various diets to try to recover. If you have done that and you are still not well, then these diets were not fit for EBV in general or for you in particular. While there is not a specific “EBV diet,” there are very specific guidelines that I recommend, based on research and clinical results. That said, all dietary choices will be at each person’s discretion, given the individual likes and dislikes, tolerances and intolerances, and dietary history. We have plenty of opportunities during the Masterclass to iron out individual details, and various diets can be a hot topic discussed during the weekly Q&A. On another note, as a clinical nutritionist, I have noticed a dangerous trend of excessive dietary restrictions leading to elimination of whole food groups. These therapeutic diets are meant for a short term only, and such restrictions can backfire. Often, if EBV adds to gut issues, as the gut starts to heal during the Masterclass, you may find that you can tolerate more foods. 

Is exercise part of the Masterclass? I cannot tolerate any exercise now.
Tolerance to exercise is a measure of recovery from EBV and stabilization. Exercise is not advised during the Masterclass, depending on how the person responds to exercise at this time. Gentle forms of movements are encouraged only if tolerated, e.g., just a short, gentle walk or a stretch, yoga, or tai chi. We often recommend a rebounder depending on tolerance.
Will the Masterclass still work if I cannot take any supplements or if I can only take a few or at a minimal dosage level?
The right supplements can help dramatically shorten the recovery time and therefore are an integral part of the Program. However, even without the supplements, there is much room for healing with all the other areas of the person’s daily life that are all addressed in detail in the Program and in the Bonus Modules and need to be addressed in order to move forward with chronic EBV. The recovery will just take more time. We still strongly recommend joining the Masterclass.

Can I take the Masterclass if I live outside of the United States?
If you live outside the US, you can still take the Masterclass. We will suggest two global supplement sites we use and trust for international clients and our international Masterclass students. One thing you cannot purchase is the Jumpstart Bundle, which we offer at the signup for the Program. However, you will be able to replicate the Bundle through these websites. You will be accessing your supplements directly from your country via those two websites. You also may not be able to attend the weekly group calls live due to the different time zones (most of the time, calls are scheduled for early afternoon Pacific Time), but you WILL receive a recording within a day from each weekly Q&A. You will otherwise enjoy the Program just like all the other students in the group. Remember that you can still ask questions in our private Facebook group. 

Can I take the Masterclass more than once?
If you are asking this question, you are very smart and strategic and you already anticipate—and rightly so—that healing is a process and if you have had EBV for years, it will take a few months to heal. Recovery from EBV requires major changes in the lifestyle and possibly in your life. While I have seen one go at the Masterclass change people's lives, life with its complications and interruptions happens. You may not yet have the stamina to weather the stress and may benefit from more structured support. You may not have enough time each week or are too sick at this time to be able to absorb all the new material. Or you simply want to go over all the projects again and hone in on them even further. The additional benefits of our Masterclass is that even after a year of access to the Program, you will continue being part of the EBV Alumni FB community, so you will remain connected and supported. At some point, you and a few friends from your cohort may decide to retake the Program together and be accountability buddies to each other! Quite a few of our alumni decide to jump in again, right into the very next group, to keep the momentum and continue improving together. In other words, it is a great idea to take the Program more than once or as needed. It is not offered often, so there may be time to practice before enrollment opens again. The EBV Recovery Masterclass alumni will always have a special highly discounted rate of $197 for the Masterclass regardless of how many times they take it. Our goal is to support your healing, sustainable recovery, and to help you get your life back!

Is there a refund if I decide this Program is not for me?
We want every participant to succeed. But we also do not want you to jump into the Masterclass if you are not sure you can commit to your healing and to the time and attention this will require of you at this time. Since everyone has different learning styles and expectations, we will provide you with three weeks' worth of the Program. If within that time, after you complete and provide me personally with all the assignments, you still feel the Program is not helping you at all, we will be happy to provide a full refund. Please know, we put a lot of work and thought into the Masterclass for you to succeed, and all we ask is that you give it an honest try or that you do not enroll if you are not sure this is a good fit or time right now. If after purchasing the Program you contemplate a refund, please reach out to me directly first, so I can personally answer all your questions.

What if the Program does not help me at all?
As much as I have worked with EBV and as excellent as this Masterclass may be, there cannot be any guarantees in any group program, or even individual work, of a complete resolution of a person’s health challenge, especially with a debilitating and complex chronic illness like EBV. That said, the Program has a very specific design to maximize your success and take out any confusion from your EBV circumstances. We go through all foundational pieces first for 10 weeks. Then, we offer 5 Bonus Modules to address the most common areas that stall the person’s ability to recover from EBV, such as co-infections like SIBO, H-pylori and more, heavy metals, especially mercury, hidden EMF exposure, or toxic mold. These Bonuses open at the end of Week 10, so first you have an opportunity to focus step by step on the foundation needed for EBV, without distractions. After that groundwork, if you do not feel you are improving as much as your cohort, you will be in a better position to benefit from each of the Bonuses, pinpoint which of the issues presented in them is keeping the virus so strong, and focus on solutions provided for that issue in the Bonus. One way or another, you will improve. The Masterclass will only not help you if you do not have EBV or if you give up completely and do nothing.

How long can I stay in the Program's private Facebook community?
The EBV Masterclass is your tribe. This is your community of EBV Heroes like you. While it is common for an online program to close access to their FB group after the program's completion, our goal has always been to create a safe and positive space for all the EBV students and alumni and create a community where you are heard and supported and where others understand exactly what you are going through. Indeed, it is your tribe. We are committed to keeping our alumni in the group as long as they wish. Once the Masterclass is over, we invite you to our private Alumni Facebook group. We do not remove anyone from there unless they are disruptive or disrespectful to the community. This is the first ever positive, forward-moving EBV community in existence. I keep a close eye and I am personally connected to this community. You would be part of our larger EBV Hero community. 

I already have the book. Why would I still need the Program?
The information in the book is life changing. However, for most people, reading an expansive 580-page book can be overwhelming and may not translate into action, especially when you are very sick. Moreover, following a protocol alone can be intimidating. The Program is much more than the book. It offers a timeline, accountability, goal setting, and encouragement. I also created an expansive library with cooking and shopping videos, tips on safe traveling with EBV, post-antibiotic support, home remedies for EBV, and more. The Masterclass provides a vibrant community for added inspiration and accountability as well as an opportunity to ask me questions directly in weekly live Q&As and the private Facebook community. I created a step-by-step process where you both learn and apply as you go and where you celebrate each success along the way together. This is also a community where you feel heard and understood. The Program is the only positive, forward-moving EBV community with specific tools for healing from EBV in existence. This is a community of EBV Heroes just like you who decided it is time to finally recover from EBV. If you are not sure about your next course of action, we do recommend reading the book first. This will give you clarity whether it is all that you need to get your life back. Many students in our groups have already read the book or own it.

Join Our Green Zone Detox Program Today!

Dr. Kasia Kines

I love teaching this Program and I've taught it for years to many people just like you, watching them soar! I put years of clinical experience with my clients, research, traditional food wisdom, and practical experience with foods into this Program to share my passion for what is simple and works with you today!

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"Since I signed up for your Detox program 9 weeks ago I must say I feel great, not only physically but mentally also. I’ve lost weight and many of my health concerns have disappeared. I think if more people knew about your program, the country would be healthier. Your program is amazing."

- Nita

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do modules open one at a time each week?
No, unlike most online programs, the entire Green Zone Detox Program is available immediately.

Are printed materials available via mail? 
All materials, including the two Detox Manuals (total of 340 pages) and about 1,000 recipes are available online. All can be downloaded or printed on your computer.

Do I have to buy supplements to benefit from this Program??
This is a lifestyle and food nutrition program, but I also teach you how to prioritize the most beneficial and effective supplements, which will make a big difference in how you feel. I also provide you with access to my favorite brands and products that support normal daily detoxification the most.

How long will I have access to this Program?
You will have lifetime access to the Green Zone Detox Program. You can enjoy it at your own pace and revisit as often as you like!

What is the refund policy?
The Green Zone Detox Program is non-refundable.

Do I have to cook to be successful with this Program?
Yes, this is a lifestyle-based, hands-on program. It is based on foods and healthy kitchen practices, so yes, you are expected to get inspired to cook, and we have video demos to help you with that.

What if I am already following a diet?
Please review the list of who the Program is not for above on this page. In all other cases, it does not matter as much what foods you are avoiding at this time. There are guidelines on what we would like you to eat and avoid, but there is flexibility with some exception (gluten, eggs, corn, or dairy).

Can I take this Program if I have problems with my gut?
As long as you do not have SIBO and can tolerate whole food carbohydrates, you can enjoy the benefits of this Program.

What if I don't cook?
Preparing your own food is a healing process and I find that a person who does not cook either does not have time or has another reason--perhaps a negative past or family experience. It should also be enjoyable. I hope by taking the Program, you will get inspired as many people who hated cooking or never cooked before you.

Where do I ask if I have questions?
There is a place for questions in your Program dashboard. We personally answer all the questions.

Can I take this Program if I have food sensitivities?
The food protocol includes fruits, seeds, nuts, nightshades (if tolerated), beans, and lentils. If you have food intolerances and sensitivities to many of these, I would recommend taking this Program as an exploratory process to learn how to understand foods and the gut better, how to clean your kitchen and environment, how to support your liver so it can also filter as needed, and how to heal your gut so you can then tolerate more foods. We also have a Week 5 Food Challenge Bonus project, which is a proven process of re-introducing foods to test true sensitivities. 

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