A Plant-Centric 30-DAY DETOX PROGRAM

Don't Wait to Feel Better Later. 
NOW is your Time. 
Give me just 4 Weeks, 
and See Your Life Transformed!
There is no price you can put on life without brain fog, 
headaches, overweight, anxiety, insomnia, aches and 
pains and not living up to your potential because 
you just never feel wonderful. But we all can feel 
fabulous and we should! And I am on a mission to teach 
you what I know to experience it too! That is why I 
created this Program. I invite you to join us!
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Expect Your Life Changed!

In 30 days, I was able to see 3 or my 4 personal wellness goals fulfilled, and 50% movement toward the 4th. 
I highly recommend this Program. It will improve your health and change your life!

Dr. Mary Jo Fishburn, MD
Functional and Physical Medicine and Acupuncture
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The MasterClass
What You Get in the 30-Day Detox Program:

Week Before

Setting Up For Success

Weekend Before

Kitchen Immersion

Monday Day 1

Setting Up Your Goals

Week 1

Mastering The Kitchen And Food As Medicine

Week 2

Optimizing your Energy, Weight, and Mood: STRESS and GUT!

Week 3

Detoxification Demystified – How to Clean Inside Out!

Week 4

Anti-aging in Action: Inflammation, Oxidation, and You!

Week 5

After the Finish Line: I Missed You Cheese!
You also Get...
  • Weekly body-scan tracker to record your progress, so you can see your positive results, stay inspired, and on track!
  • Daily and weekly food and wellness projects and activities
  • Personal journaling about everything that's happening as you transform your life in such a profound way
  • ​Our clients' favorite Kitchen Immersion Weekend project: a mapping of meals for the whole first week, complete with delicious recipes and the matching cooking demo videos and shopping list!
  • Direct access to me in a private Facebook group and your Program dashboard
  • Goal setting and accountability 
  • Module Videos: walking you through weekly goals, cooking, shopping in a health food, detoxification, supplementation, the secrets of my kitchen and more...
  • A total of nearly a thousand delicious recipes 
  • ​Kitchen Pantry Rehab project to get a clean start
  • ​Unlimited time to use the materials
...and 2 gifts from me:
for your healthiest and happiest you!
Just $297
And this is how You Will Feel..
"I was a mess, and I knew it was my diet. But…everything I knew to do was not working! After only three weeks my headaches, fatigue, anxiety, and diarrhea are gone. My cravings are rapidly decreasing. I’m sold." Julie
"After day ONE, yes day ONE of Dr. Kines’ 30 day Whole Foods Detox Program…I felt the difference!!! My skin improved, my concentration improved, my memory improved, my energy level is up, AND I'VE PERMANENTLY RELEASED 35 POUNDS!!!!!!" Darlene
"I lost weight, got rid of bloating, and my skin glows – but that’s not the best part! What was great was that my cravings were ELIMINATED! What a relief and what a better way to live. If you have the chance to take this Program, do it!" Ana
"Dr. Kines’ detox program is changing my life. She teaches the 'why's as well as the 'how's to healthy eating, including a whole-foods shopping tour. She teaches you how the program can fit the needs of the client. Dr. Kines is the magic that makes this program work so well."
A Library of Cooking Videos With Our Delicious Menu:
A Library of Super-Smart Shopping Videos:
 Traveling Safely with EBV Primer:
Resources for Self-Care for EBV and More:
Recordings of all 10 Weekly Q&As:
Bonus Modules: The Most Common EBV Complications
($297 Value)
Once and for all know what your EBV labs mean! I have painstakingly cataloged research on all possible permutations of accurate testing and lab interpretation so that you can for ever know what your test says! 

If you cannot find a doctor to run a test for you, I will also show you where to test independently and affordably and have your results before the end of the week!

I will show you other relevant tests that are either not  tested or not tested properly (e.g., hydrochloric acid, pernicious anemia, iron, or thyroid). If your EBV is complicated and stubborn, it may be because of other medical issues: test - do not guess. 
($997 Value)

Co-infections with EBV are so common. (medical literature called it "transactivation"). For example, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) can be caused by EBV attacking your vagus nerve, the nerve that innervates your gut. I also see H. pylori - and while it is tough to get rid of, I have a very successful protocol for it. Streptococcus (aka strep) and Candida albicans also like to come on a ride. And frequently, you may also have other herpes viruses. 

You will learn clinical pearls and practical shortcuts from years of my experience—how to assess the possible co-infections, best tests to use, how to remedy them, and, more importantly, how to prevent recurrence and create a sustainable and strong internal terrain that is much less susceptible to infections moving forward. 
($495 value)
Toxic mold can be particularly dangerous if you have EBV. Water damage in the home and workplace is more common than we realize, and yet it may go undetected even for years. Mold can make your EBV resistant to everything you have tried, and until you rule out toxic mold and remediate it, you will struggle trying to heal from EBV. 

Learn the best test for mold, proper remediation, and best gentle protocols to use. 
($397 Value)
Energy pollution, electromagnetic smog, pollution from Wi-Fi technology, or EMF... 

While research is clear that EMF is detrimental to our health, it can be particularly devastating if you also have EBV. Learn the best practical tips to minimize your EMF pollution and maximize your protection. This is especially important as people with EBV seem much more sensitive to EMF and because an increase in Wi-Fi exposure may reactivate EBV. 
($495 Value)
You may be exposed to heavy metals and not even know it, and they are another reason why you have failed to improve your EBV status. 

Learn common and hidden sources of your heavy metals exposure, best testing, and the most effective protocols. 

In our culture, we like to "fix" things and do it fast, but that can backfire, so you will learn how to clear your heavy metals safely. 
I Believe it is Your Birth Right to Feel Energetic and Fabulous!

And so I created a program that gets you there the fastest. You deserve to live your life to the fullest without the aches, pains, bloating, gas, constipation, heartburn, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. The 30-Day Detox will show you how. It has transformed many lives. It is YOUR time to thrive!

"I've gained control of my digestive system for the first time in my life 
and regained my optimism. I have lost unpleasant gut issues, insecurities
 about food choices, and I lost quite a few pounds. Dr. Kines is extremely 
knowledgeable and supportive." Debbie
Who is the Program NOT for:
  • Breastfeeding or pregnancy
  • SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth): our Program is NOT low FODMAP (cabbage family, garlic family, apples, pears...we do it all!)
  • ​Active eating disorders
  • Ketogenic diet enthusiasts - high fat is hard on the liver, our key detoxification organ
  • High animal protein diet enthusiasts: our Program actually gives you an opportunity to reduce your dependability on animal protein; in fact, while the Program has a flexible approach to what to eat and not to eat, you can choose to enjoy it completely without animal protein - you will learn how to do it safely
  • ​Paleo/paleo-autoimmune diet enthusiasts: the Program does not follow paleo or paleo-autoimmune  diets. Instead, its foundation is whole foods, mainly plant-based. You won't need to eliminate gluten-free whole grains, nuts or seeds unless necessary; you also have the opportunity to learn how to cook legumes properly.

"The 30-Day Detox was amazing! I loved it all and was transformed from the experience. I
  learned so much! But it’s more than just the knowledge and guidance. I became a different 
person.…I started taking good care of myself: I carry around hot tea with me, take my lunch 
to work in a thermos instead of using the microwave, and I cook at home all the time now. 
It’s so easy and delicious! And Dr. Kines believes that food should be scrumptious, healthy 
and easy to make. She taught me how to do it, too!... …I went from popping processed food 
into the microwave or oven to whipping up delicious, healthy meals! Dr. Kines also knows 
more about nutrition than any doctor I have ever worked with, and her research is so 
solid that even my husband cannot find fault……I recommend Dr. Kines and her Detox 
Program to all my friends, colleagues and even to my doctor. If you want to transform your 
life, if you want health and wellness, if you want peace of mind, there isn’t a better 
investment than working with Dr. Kines."  Beth

Just $297
How will this Program Transform Your Life!
  • Lose Weight: toxins, inflammation, foods and stress will all keep you hostage and add to your spare tire. By following the sound foundations in the program, you will be able to release the fat and lose pounds gently, safely and for good.
  • Say Goodbye to Sugar and Fat Cravings: without compromising taste buds and food restrictions. 
  • Get Rid of Foggy Brain, Indigestion and Aches and Pains: while these complaints are common, they are not normal - not in my book. You deserve to learn the best tools to finally think clearly, enjoy foods without stomach upsets, and move without pain!
  • Bonus Benefits: ​you will poop like a pro, sleep like a baby, cook like an inspired chef, and eat food with pure joy and pleasure!
  • ​Personal transformation: with a newly found internal peace, you will rediscover who you forgot you truly are for an addition layer of healing and joy in your life!

"Since I signed up for your Detox program 9 weeks ago I must say I feel great, not only 
physically but mentally also.  You’ve taught me to be the best I can beI’ve learned 
so much about the body, good wholesome foods, vitamins, detoxifying, and toxins. And…
I’ve lost weight and many of my health concerns have disappeared.People say now I
 have a glow, and I couldn’t agree more. I think if more people knew about your 
program, the country would be healthier. Your program is amazing." Nita

It's Your Time to Feel Fabulous!

"Today is Day 4 of the 30-Day Detox Program. My husband and I really love the program! 
It’s a self exploration and self discovery journey in a self-guided process (with Dr. Kines 
standing by or support). I have learned how to make almond milk. I also have learned  to
use the vegetable scraps to make vegetable stock. Our breakfast is oatmeal infused with 
almond milk, almond pieces and kiwi. It is super yummy! The key is to stay organized, 
process the vegetables/herbs as soon as we get them from the market (wash, chop and 
store in glass containers), and use them liberally. We both really like the diet. We feel 
less sluggish. My husband, who is a runner, has lost 4 lbs. He does feel that his energy 
level is different. Thank you, Dr. Kines for creating this awesome program! You're fantastic! 
Keep up the great work!" Louise
I don't use any tricks and don't make empty claims. I love teaching this Program and I've taught it for years to many people just like you, watching them soar! I put years of clinical experience with my clients, research, traditional food wisdom, and practical experience with foods into this Program to share my passion for what is simple and works with you today!

~ Dr. Kasia Kines
Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
Board Certified Nutrition Specialist
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30 Day Detox Program
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